Some Days Yes

During that brief, but sad, period when the Multi-Purpose Solution wasn't making music, I spent some time booking shows at the now gone, but not forgotten, Jersey City rock venue, Uncle Joe's.

The first time might have been the best time. The show featured a band called Tomorrow's Friend.

They were a two-piece, playing a sort of stripped down, loosely tight, rock and roll. They seemed to be only just discovering their instruments. It was pure and gorgeous.

Alessandra, the singer, brings news:
"Some Days Yes, Some Days More Than Yes!", a collection of outtakes and four-track demos of the band's early material is now available at Riverfawn, a pretty store where you can find limited-edition art, jewelry, handbags, (super-duper expensive) skinny jeans, one-eyed plush dolls, and, of course, music.

Riverfawn is located at 11 Harrison Street, between Hudson and Greenwich, here in the no-longer-unnavigable City.