Turns 10

This week marks Stereophile's 10th year online.

In those 10 years we've posted thousands of reviews, industry news items, show reports and features, dating back to J. Gordon Holt's heyday in the 1960s (his "Down with Dynagroove!" piece from 1964 is an early classic).

Practically every writer who has reported and reviewed for the magazine is represented online in some form—125 at last count (or 127 if you include entries from Lucius Wordburger and Ziggy Stardust).

Once the Internet started gaining speed a few years back, rival online publications quickly began to condemn print, declaring that Stereophile's days, in print or online, were over.

But John Atkinson stated then, and continues to understand now, that publishing is not a zero-sum game. If a rival publication in print or online gains a reader, Stereophile does not necessarily lose one. In fact the hobby just gets bigger and Stereophile along with it. "The reality is that two publications generate more than twice the buzz, to their mutual benefit, and so on," says JA. "That's something I learned from my ex-partner, Larry Archibald."

And so it has come to be.

Where we used to have thousands of readers online each month, we now have hundreds of thousands. Where we used to serve tens of thousands of page views every 30 days, we now serve millions each month. And it keeps growing. In fact, our small group of brother and sister publications (,,, and now serve almost one million unique readers a month!

So here's to the next 10 years and to our readers who made it possible.