The DIY Chronicles, Part Six

Editor's Note: This is Part Six of a six-part series from reader Hervé Delétraz of Switzerland, who has chronicled the development of his DIY (do-it-yourself) audio amplifier.

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Every human being has his or her own taste in music reproduction. I just tried to build what I believe is the sound I can hear live, with real musicians, without any electronic artifact between them and me. As mentioned before, I now plan to produce a small series of my DIY amplifier, the darTZeel NHB-108. I hope that some magazines will be interested in reviewing the NHB-108 someday, so you will have a better idea of what I looked for through the reviewers' words. If these articles interested you, and/or if you simply want to know more about the darTZeel NHB-108, please feel free to contact me.

I would like to deeply thank the following pals and gals:

First of all, I'm extremely grateful to my wife, Maria Rosa, for having supported me—and for still supporting me in the continuation of this project—over all these years. You accepted all these thousands of hours of labor with encouragement, patience, and love. Thank you, chouchou!

I would also like to specially mention a guy I met on the Net. Without him, I think I wouldn't have finished this never-ending story. His name is Jukka Tolonen, and he has shared my passion through e-mails since 1996. He encouraged me when hope was fading away, and gave me a lot of moral help. Jukka was the only guy who could understand my technical delirium, who could read my schemes, who could suggest some improvements, who could objectively tell me if the project was worthwhile or not. If you read this, Jukka, thank you again.

Last but not least, I warmly thank you, all my friends, for having been so motivating: Serge Roch, who has the same passion for watches as I have for audio, and who always challenged me to pull the best out of my guts; Jean Mateu, the golden-eared guy who shared hundreds of hours of listening to great music; Henri-Michel Chavan, who handcrafted the prototype's wonderful, unique case; Joël Rehde, who pushed me to go ahead; Jon Iverson, who found enough interest in my project to publish these articles; and all the others, who have their places in my heart.

Readers can contact Hervé Delétraz via e-mail at