Apogee Owners Group Forming

Owners of Apogee Acoustics loudspeakers are apparently being left to twist in the wind by a/d/s/, the company that took over Apogee and subsequently shut it down (other than to apply the brand to a range of switch-mode power amplification modules). Service will no longer be available for the ribbon speakers, according to Apogee owner Matt Carnicelli.

Carnicelli is seeking to organize an Apogee Acoustics Users Group in the hope of convincing a current manufacturer or former Apogee technician to set up a repair facility and stockpile spare parts. "Otherwise, when our ribbons go, so do the speakers," Carnicelli recently posted on the Internet, "and that would be a shame."

He believes members of the group would benefit from each others' knowledge. "We also see the group as a valuable resource for Apogee owners wanting to share their experiences of ancillary equipment, and thus derive the greatest amount of pleasure from their speakers," he wrote.

Apogee Acoustics was one of the most venerated brand names of the 1980s. The company's ribbon loudspeakers were and are notable for both great sound and gorgeous styling.

a/d/s/, originally known as Analog and Digital Systems, formerly manufactured loudspeakers and electronics for both home and car, and now concentrates on the mobile electronics market. Non-a/d/s/ dealers attempting repairs on a/d/s/ products have often found themselves subject to full retail prices charged for replacement parts, and prolonged delays in getting them.

Matt Carnicelli requests that all interested parties reach him via e-mail, or via snail mail at 35-25 77th St., Queens, NY 11372.