First DVD-Audio Single to be Released Soon

The worldÆs first DVD-Audio single will soon be out from the rock group Full on the Mouth. "People Mover" is a track from the groupÆs forthcoming album, Collide. "We felt a 5.1 surround-sound mix would be a great medium to showcase the capabilities and technology of DVD and the electronic elements of Full on the Mouth,'' said Charlie Lico, chief executive officer of the bandÆs label, Pioneer Music Group, which is a subsidiary of Pioneer Electronic Corporation.

Full on the Mouth, the first act to be signed by Pioneer Music Group, has been together eight years. The band's debut album Collide is "an organic and electronic amalgam, combining a definite rock edge with electronic flourishes to create a heaping platter of undeniably catchy songs," according to a company press release dated May 5. Ben Grosse mixed both the album version and 5.1 surround-sound version of the song. "People Mover'' features "huge rock hooks mixed with a techno-styled groove."

Full on the Mouth will be part of the Warped Tour this summer. The band is currently on a nationwide tour with Dream Theater.