Wilson Dems in Omaha Thursday

Thursday evening, March 23, at 6pm and 7:30pm, The Sound Environment (11021 Elm Street, Omaha, NE 68144) is presenting Wilson Audio's Peter McGrath and the Alexx loudspeakers. Peter McGrath will be playing some of his four-channel master recordings with Wilson Alexias used for the rear channels.

Space at the presentations will be very limited, so if you'd like to reserve a seat, please register by sending an email to eric@soundenvironment.com, including your full name and which presentation you'd like to attend, 6pm or 7:30pm. Peter will also be available Wednesday afternoon and Thursday for individual conversations and demonstrations.

Michael Fremer will be reviewing the Wilson Alexx in the May issue of Stereophile. John Atkinson reviewed the Alexia in December 2013.

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They carry Rockport Technologies, too; so a rare place to hear both of these highest end loudspeaker lines. I recently heard the Wilson Sabrina there and came away very impressed. The electronics in the store such as D'Agostino and BAT match up well with the elevated loudspeakers. Hope everyone enjoys a wonderful evening!

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For those in attendance post pics!

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..what's the msrp today? I know the price has jumped a couple of times..

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I find $109,000/pair. I believe this is the price with which they were introduced.