Who buys the most music in your household?

Audiophiles pride themselves on their love of music, but it may turn out that their kids or spouses buy more music than they do. Who buys the most music in your household?

Who buys the most music in your household?
I do
83% (125 votes)
My kids do
2% (3 votes)
My spouse does
4% (6 votes)
My roommate does
2% (3 votes)
I live alone
9% (14 votes)
Total votes: 151

WalkerTM's picture

100 times more.

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DAB, Pacific Palisades, CA's picture

With a wife and two teens, I do all of the music buying. I do, however, have the family well-trained in that when I buy a pristine "Shaded Dog" for $2500, they think that it's just another slab of wax for dear ol' dad. Life is good, isn't it?

terry j.'s picture

I buy the bulk of it, she buys the rest. Most of it is pretty good. You gotta tolerate the annoying stuff your spouse likes for the sake of tranquility.

Stephen Curling's picture

Currently, my wife buys most of the music in our house.

Timothy O.  Driskel's picture

I buy most of the music in our home now. However, my two boys may exceed me one day, with the proper nurturing of music appreciation!

Mike Parenteau's picture

Me, by far. Over 400 LPs and over 450 CDs. I need a new shelf system for the CDs.

Joe Hartmann's picture

Only my son and I purchase music. I think I purchase more only because he is in college and unemployed. Of his money, about 60– 70% goes to music, so when he graduates this June the tables may turn.Storage is a major problem now

Randy's picture

It's a serious (but relatively harmless addiction) with purchases of over 150 CD's each year. Storage space is becoming a big issue.

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Not even close! I fit the profile for the largest quantity buyers: 53, male, upper-middle class. I always get to meet the store managers when they see such a stack of CDs heading for the counter and they almost always comp me a discount so I'll come back. I buy most vinyl via website, catalog, or Waterloo Records which is worth a trip to Austin.

davet's picture

I have always purchased the most music material in my house. The declining quality and quantity of recordings have reduced the number of purchases for myself, spouse, and two children, The overall offerings from the industry is sub par and they want to blame everyone else. There are still quality performers out there. The industry is more concerned with selling a physical (sexy) image than a quality sound. Once they return to their roots and get the sound right, they may well find they have the revenue they thought they had lost.

Me's picture

Me, me, me!

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I have no kids, and my wife never listens to anything unless it's been in the house awhile. I can't remember the last time she bought a CD or LP.

Norman L.  Bott's picture

Me, myself, and I.

Priece Rich, Jr.'s picture

Averaging five to six new purchases every two weeks. (Who keeps saying that CD sales are slipping?)

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I buy 95% of the music and movies.

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I buy music for myself, my wife, my daughter, our friends and relatives, and anyone else.

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I'm the bwana of music in my home.

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Me—and it's not even close.

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I am a student provided with the same fast internet connection like my apartmentmates. I still buy music and i am the fool of the house. Not to mention about my love for HiFi, which takes my being fool a few steps further and turns me into an alien. But at least i am a HAPPY foolish alien. My mates can't dig it...

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

I am my household—unless you count cats.

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Hah, funny! My wife loves to buy me music. I provide her with the title, label, catalog number, and website to buy from. She does what she does best—whip out the credit card!

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My wife, because she is so good at it. She reads everything on a record jacket to see who played with who, Ike Quebec and Jimmy Smith, for instance, or Ben Webster and Coleman Hawkins. Then she hunts down that record.

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I buy about 8 to 10 CD's per month. My all time high was 20 - 25 a month about 10 years ago.

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I live alone.

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I never really got to like CD's. LP's sound best. I frequent used record stores, garage and estate sales. There are still some treasures out there! Last big score: Miles Davis: Kind of Blue, Columbia Mono "Six-eyes," played once, put away; from the estate of a trad. jazz fan who disliked bop and everything after. $5 Bucks. Vinyl Rules!!!

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There is no other person in my house.

Wayne Nielson's picture

Andy Latimer and his band CAMEL are a great treasure. "A Wink and a Nod", their latest album, is one on the finest rock recordings I have ever heard, even ..above Pink Floyd, at least for "presence" and an open detailed sound that will show off any system.

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My wife and I enjoy the same type of music. She trust my choices.

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It's my brother, by far. He's amazing. I go away to school for a week and when I come back, he always has a fresh crop of music for me to sample. It's wonderful!