What is your audiophile wish for 2001?

What is your audiophile wish for 2001?
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Forget about reality! If you could make any audiophile dream come true in 2001, whether for yourself or the entire industry, what would it be?

Todd Chandler's picture

I wish that format wars would cease forever, that the music industry concentrate on producing quality music at affordable prices, and that artists and musicians everywhere will make a decent living doing what they love.

David S.  Milo's picture

My wish is for Sony to fall flat on its face again, and for the format uncertainty to be over. I hate arrogance.

arron Audiophile, Australia's picture

I'd like to see an eight-channel ADC/DAC and matching disc recorder with 32-bit wordlength (enough resolution to finally give quantization distortion the flick) and around a 2Mhz sampling rate (enough to finally get decent top end out of digital). I would then gladly transfer my 3,000 vinyl discs and few hundred open reel masters to digital without hearing the quality head to the basement!

Len Berk's picture

A modest dream: New SACD and DVD-A transports affording access to the unencrypted, unadulterated high-resolution digital bitstream.

James's picture

More dedicated audio- only systems and less home theater convergence!

Steve Williams's picture

I would buy a pair of Magnepan 3.6 speakers. I drool every time I tink of them.

J.  Hill's picture

I would create a Federal Agency that required and enforced true blind A/B test evaluation of all highend components and tweaks!!(No vote recounts allowed!)

Douglas Henning's picture

That watermarking becomes a thing of the past. That the real high end players adopt a format hopefully SACD... A Wadia SACD player HMMM. For myself, a dedicated sound room would be soooo nice. OH and the death of multi channel aidio would be great..long live stereo!

Al's picture

Please, Santa, PLEASE! I've been a very good boy, and I would like a new digital source to take my "seestem" to the Next Level. If only I could be sure I wasn't buying the digital equivalent of Beta, I would be so happy! Could you just slip a note into my stocking and let me know that it will be okay for me to buy a new SACD player without fear of it becoming obsolete? I would be an even better boy next year! Thanks in advance . . .

mark d's picture

My wish is for the complete return of the LP. It is so far superior to digital that, if only the world knew what it was missing, either LPs would return in full force. Or, another source that was even better would be developed. SACD is almost that reality, but a truly accurate musical source that sounds "perfect" is just a fantasy right now. However, the LP is about as perfect a sound that we can get!

Peter's picture

My wish is for a perfect listening room of Royal Albert Hall proportions (with suitable equipment & occasional guests).

Roger Rahal's picture

I would wish for no more format wars and the banning of music on the internet!

Joe Hartmann's picture

First that more music becomes available in all formats esp LP. Second that the industry remains strong so that improvements continue.

Al Marcy's picture

I'd like to see the opening of new vacuum tube factory.

Chris S.'s picture

Actually, I have two dreams I would like to have realized. First, I'd give up a kidney for a DVD-A/SACD/HDCD compatible digital source. I think most of us would like a piece of equipment that is immune to the "format wars." Secondly (and selfishly), Martin Logan Statements, VTL Wotans, Linn Sondek CD12, Kimber selects, a really big listening room, and 48 hour days to enjoy it all with. See, I'm not that greedy.

Rob Damm's picture

My wish? Make all the snobs vanish instantly. No more rude salesmen with good haircuts, no more Jaguar-driving yuppies wearing CK One . . . Oh, and by the way, these gross stereotypes in no way make me a hypocrite. Happy Holidays!

Jose Garcia's picture

I'm wishing for a totally matured SACD and DVD-A high-resolution format with lots of software at affordable prices, with machines under the $1K range. This way anybody could decide on performance and buy any system without excuses.

TDA's picture

Since the dream of having a much greater proportion of the population join the high-end to ensure a never ending supply of new medium priced ($2000-$4000) goodies is a pipe-dream (and I don't mean the speakers), I'd settle for a rack of top-of-the-line Naim electronics (CDS II, NAC 52, and especially the NAP 500) driving a pair of killer speakers, like, say, the Amati Homages. Now there's a dream I could have every night!

Robin Banks's picture

I wish the best for SACD that DVD-Audio would just go away somewhere and never return. SACD deserves to be the next true music format! I also wish for lower prices on true high-end gear. A free "ultimate system" from Wilson Audio and Krell would be nice too! Ha!

tony esporma's picture

NASDAQ at 6000.

-Robert's picture

Mark Levinson system with a Lexus LS430 wrapped around it.

S.  P.  Salerno's picture

That genetic engineers isolate and learn how to synthesize the part of the Y-chromosome that triggers "audiophilia nervosa"(AN). This would be followed by mass inoculations of AN serum to the worlds female population. Suddenly, sales of Italian shoes and kittens plummet, while global interest in "perfect sound forever" reaches a fever pitch. Yeah, sure -- and someday, pigs may fly.

Mike H.'s picture

My audiophile dream for the industry is that my fellow Americans will start to listen to music because of how it sounds, instead of how it looks on TV. This will cause the high end audio market to grow and will also increase sales of classical music (without movie soundtracks) as well as releases by homely musicians who are extremely talented and creative. My personal audiophile dream is to have the cash to purchase a house with an underground bunker, a seismic system to go with it, and a white lab coat.

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David S.  Dodd, ddodd@aug.com's picture

That the volume of SACD software and hardware releases would increase geometrically over the next 12 months... this digital system has no peers (and no analog ones at anything lower than 10x the price of my SCD777ES...)

emilio castelli's picture

My wish is for a universal music library in .wav format with fast downloads.

Marc in Phila's picture

My wish is to keep the high-end audio industry alive and well. I'm only 35, yet I fear that home theater will defeat high-end audio. Example: A typical mass-market "audiophile" visited my house and complimented me on my home theater system, but he wondered where the TV and DVD were. When I mentioned that the setup was for two-channel audio playback only, he couldn't believe anyone still listened to music!

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

I'd find/earn/win enough money for a full system upgrade, which coincidentally means I'd also find enough money for a new race car, perhaps an ITA miata.

Tony P., Washington, DC's picture

Reissue every out-of-print recording in every genre of the last 100 years and make it available for $5 or less per CD. Incidentally, this is where on-demand, pay-per-album digital download approach would excel, but I digress.

Al's picture

Forget watermarking, and digital transports that play DVD-A and SACD, each perfectly well.