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What record cleaning products do you recommend?

Now that I've got my MMF-5 up and running, I need to update my vinyl hygiene regimen. In the years before CDs became my primary source, I used Discwasher products on my records. I've heard some "smack" talk concerning Discwasher. I got a "microfiber" brush and anti-static cloth where I got the MMF-5 to use until I get something better.

Is something like the Nitty Gritty machine a good investment? Or, is there something "in between" that will work well? What are you guys using? I want to make sure that I'm getting the most out of my vinyl and protecting it as well.

So far, the MMF-5 is nothing if not revealing. Hearing loads of detail heretofore missing. Also hearing lots of surface noise! Not too many clicks, though. I was very careful with my records. Plan on buying many more, and taking the best possible care of them, too. Any tips are most welcome.

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Re: What record cleaning products do you recommend?

You need a vacuum cleaning machine. The best value I know of currently is the Nitty Gritty Record Doctor III. Audio Advisor sells it for $250. No motor to turn the record during cleaning, you do that yourself. Comes with an initial supply of very effective solvent.

After vacuum cleaning, a brush like the Hunt and a good stylus cleaner (I favor the Zerodust) keeps you where you want to be.

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You can just use castile soap

You can just use castile soap, baking soda, bleach and water for most cleaning, and the best part is you can get them at wholesale cleaning supplies. Rinse with a clean towel, and use windex for windows and the occasional speciality product for things like grout. Vinegar smells but it's a couple times a year at most to do a full clean and reseal and at least it's not perfumed.

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You can also use...

...wood glue!

LOTS of testimonials and chatter about it on the web. Here's one video on using wood glue to clean your vinyl records:

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