What is the CD to LP ratio in your collection?

What is the CD to LP ratio in your collection?
100% CDs
26% (118 votes)
80% CDs 20% vinyl
17% (79 votes)
60% CDs 40% vinyl
11% (52 votes)
50% CDs 50% vinyl
10% (46 votes)
40% CDs 60% vinyl
13% (59 votes)
20% CDs 80% vinyl
18% (83 votes)
100% vinyl
4% (20 votes)
Total votes: 457

Last week's vote question about vinyl prompted a landslide of votes. Which impels us to ask, what is the ratio of CDs to LPs that you own?

tabaca's picture

of course vinyl had a twenty year headstart. I am primarily buying CD's and the occassional LP 180/200g pressings or rare when I find 'em

Jim Merrill's picture

Limited selection in vinyl means the CD collection is growing faster.

Marc Stager's picture

Actually more like 97% vinyl 3% CDs WAAAYY too many LP's, getting on 3000, but they sound so fine.. Gotta get a bigger place.

joeavid@earthlink.net's picture

I just sold 99% of my records,keeping just a cherished few that have a sentimental value beyond the music and more for the time in my life when I purchasd them.I 'm still undecided about selling my systemdek table...cd's are just sounding too good ,especially when you're using good equip. that I can't justify the hassle of playing and maintaining lp's.

Bruno,Slonenia's picture

I have 1000 LPs and 500CDs, and now buying only CDs.

Arron, Perth WA's picture

About 30CD/70vinyl, But I LISTEN to vinyl while I work to CD's (despite a CD player that is the envy of most that hear it). The turntable? my 4th Dual (1229? [still at in laws], 701 [in car accident], 731 [speed control fried]750-1 [not as good as 701]. Not bad compared to a $6,000 CD player!

Rob Cornelson's picture

I have three times as many CDs as LPs. Most of the LPs I own are 70's and 80's. I was fortunate to be exposed to the best rock of that time by my older siblings. I'm not too sure about the new music on LP. It still feels like it went through some digital regurgitation.

Michael Crespo's picture

I only buy vinyl when possible.

John Crossett's picture

Admitedly, I started collecting music long before the Compact Disc was even though of. However, when you factor in sound quality, cost and availability, I can usually purchase more vinyl cheaper than a CD. I have both, I listen to both, I buy both, but I buy more vinyl Now, I just have to convince the wife that we really don't need that couch, the space would look much nicer as a record cabinet.

Denis Caprasse's picture

The vote speaks by itself

Philippe CRAVE's picture

400 cds About 120 Lps Very hard to find new Lps in FRANCE, except by Internet

Joe Hartmann's picture

This ratio of vinyl to CD's represents 35 years of record collecting. The more interesting question for website vistors maybe what is the mix of current purchases. I find myself reaching out for vinyl to add to my software collection and as a secondary issue the dollar allocation of current spenting. My allocation of funds for lp's is 6 or 7 to 1 so far this year.

Chris S.'s picture

CD's are just entirely too easy to collect, store, and play. I must own 25 cd's for every piece of vinyl.

jose gomez's picture

i'm to lazy to own a lp collection.

Tom Warren's picture

I missed last week's question. I mostly listen to vinyl on the hi-fi. And I'm buying more vinyl then ever. There have been lots of vinyl reissues, many indie labels still issue the format, and used vinyl is everywhere. I buy cd's only when it's the only option. My pet peeve is digitally recorded or mastered vinyl.

Mark A's picture

It did take quite some time but CDs have now overtaken my vinyl. They wouldn't have if it were easier to find the same music on vinyl (and without paying $25 for an album).

Mike H.'s picture

4 to 1, CDs win (at least until I can afford a new turntable and phono module).

Gerald Neily's picture

Of course, at one time it was 100% vinyl, then 90%, then 80%, then 30%, so the trend is greatly in favor of CDs.

Aris's picture

While I own more vinyl than CDs in the long run I will spin "Gladiator" far more than I will ever spin "In a Gadda Da Vida".

Roger Lawry's picture

100% vinyl for a very good reason. Sound.

Mark Smith's picture

Too smart to pay twice for the same music, so I didn't replace vinyl with CD. Most new stuff is on CD, but I pick up used vinyl whenever I can; cheaper and sounds great.

Arnold Ziffle, Jr.'s picture

...and nary a click, scratch or pop to be heard!

Bill Hojnowski's picture

Vinyl takes too much work and is not portable. I can play CDs in my car. I haven't had a turn table in my car for a while now.

Clive Camm's picture

60% CD and 40% Vinyl, although I expect the inverse by the end of this year.

glenn allen's picture

It would be 100% vinyl if I could find all the music that I bought on CD instead on vinyl.Best thing about CDs are the unreleased gems that are now available eg.Coltrane "The Complete 1961 Village Vangaurd Recordings".Glad to see more new releases on vinyl in the last year,even though it's a dead medium!

Sergio Ruz's picture

I jumped with glee into the CD format in the late 80's because by then, local LP pressings were so bad as to be basically high priced garbage, I really didn't know then of audiophile pressings or virgin vynil, and my turntables were nothing but low fi stuff not even worth mentioning. Given that scenario, CD's offered to me better sound at mid fi level (no clicks or pops!), they were smaller and rather easy to handle, and decent sounding mix tapes (tapes!) were easier to make from them. Of course, that was then and this is now. I still like the CD format but not as much, sometimes I regret selling certain LP's that were better than their CD counterparts ("Wings over America" is a prime example); and given all the brouhahas over watermarking, DVD-A, SACD and the like, I guess I'll end bypassing all those "new and improved" gizmos and get a nice turntable instead. I still have some 50-70 vynil albums just waiting to be dusted off, to begin with...

Stephen Curling's picture

digital all the way!

MKK's picture

I have 3000+ LPs and less than 200 CDs. So, it's about 6% CD to 94% LP.

Fred Daron's picture

Vinyl still rules.

TPBrown's picture

I really don't see what percent of either matters as long as you buy music!