Were the holidays good to you? Tell us what new audiophile treats you got this year.

Were the holidays good to you? Tell us what new audiophile treats you got this year.
Here it is . . .
78% (90 votes)
I got nothing but a lump of coal . . .
22% (26 votes)
Total votes: 116

Did you get any new gear or music for the holidays?

Tony M's picture

I received a new Toshiba DVD player, Onkyo Receiver, and finally an Onkyo CD player.

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J Beson's picture

It's either pay the high heating bills during this miserably cold winter or listen to some new music. I chickened out and went for the heat.

Richard G's picture

I decided to indulge and bought myself a Krell Cast System!

Cardwell's picture

However, I will get a new speaker around Feb. 2001, an Areial 10T.

Maminjo's picture

My dream in 2001 is very strange??I want in 2001 2 finnaly c the review in Sam's space of Diapason LTD. Edition with Graaf 20 OTL tube amplifier,and with new pre from Graaf;13.5 II.Please,Sam,find a distributor in states for amazing Italian Diapason loudspeakers..u will love it,every second of expirience...

chuck's picture

I got four new LPs, three of which are remastered as 45s and pressed on one side only. Clearly, most digital has a LONG way to go

John V.'s picture

I received a Hitachi chop saw. Now I have the major tool to convert the basement into a listening/media room.

Anonymous's picture

telarc 1812 overture for my R.E.L. sub.

Rotorhead's picture

I got a slew of Johnny Adams discs, along with Joe Beard and Ronnie Earl and the Bruce Katz Band.

joeavid@earthlink.net's picture

I got some killer interconnect from mapleshade. It blows away anything I 've had,including Kimber, Transparent, AudioQuest. It's the most revealing ,open sounding interconnect I 've had, and a serious bargain at $240, including a 30-day money back guarantee! I highly recommend it . . .

Rob Cornelson's picture

For now I just got some movies on DVD. Although I see a powered sub in the coming months. Did someone say tax season?

Roger Rahal's picture

Well This Year's XMAS Wasn't too hot on the audio front but I Managed to buy myself,as gift,a new cable from VDH!

Hank's picture

I received Audioquest Slate speaker cable, Audioquest Coral interconnect, Journey ESCAPE SACD,and Led Zeppelin II as a Classic Records LP

I.M.  Outthere's picture

I received a Casio watch that goes "Beep" every hour -- and a DMP Vivino Brothers CD that bee-bops, jams, and boogies any 'ol time it spins. Yee-haw!

Jose Garcia.'s picture

I finally bought a Monarchy 24/96 DIP to go with my CI/MSB/HC-2 Link and a pair of used, but mint, Dynaudio Geminis with Linn stands.(All for $600, not bad!)

Erik Leideman's picture

Well, since we do not give Christmas presents in my family, I went to downtown Tokyo and bought myself the newly released Shostakovitch 5th, played by the Leningrad Philarmonic under Mravinsky, live in Tokyo 1973. A stunning preformance!

nebia's picture

I got Grado SR-80s.

Paul LaNoue's picture

I received a Grado Headphone Amp -- not bad right out the box! Also, a shitload of tubetraps! Always a winner.

Howard Getty's picture

I recieved four new CDs and three new DVDs, two of them music concerts.

Todd R's picture

Not even CD!

Oben, Melbourne Australia's picture

I got a Sony SCD-XB940.

jmal@ireland.com's picture

Santana Supernatural DVD, The Blades - Those were the days CD, and Five blank 80 minute Mini Discs, "Roll on the Sales"

Stephen Curling's picture

I got a Pioneer DV-333 DVD player, Pioneer VSX-509 receiver, Infinity IL-30 main speakers, and a SONY VCR.

Gerald Neily's picture

I got Naxos CDs. The perfect no-brainer holiday gift (for me, at least).

Frank Holderfield, Mobile,AL's picture

I received a headphone amp from Headroom. Now my portable sounds almost as good as my home system. If only Santa had thrown in a pair of Beyerdynamic headphones to replace my old Sennheisers! Oh well, I'll just have to keep on behaving and hope Christmas comes sooner, or maybe I'll just order 'em myself and claim Santa was out of stock and had to backorder.

Anonymous's picture

marantz DV-4100 DVD player

Anonymous's picture

We audiophiles treat ourselves all year round. An endless holiday season so to speak. This is the time of year to give to others.

Bill Hojnowski's picture

I got a bunch of wire, RCA jacks, and a soldering iron so I could make the many dozens of interconnects required by all of this home theater stuff. They were fun to make and sound great.

G.  Strausser's picture

I received a Tivoli Model One table radio by Henry Kloss. Looks and sounds great!