Vondelpark: "California Analog Dream"

London-based Vondelpark is Lewis Rainsbury (vocals, production, bass, guitar, keys), Alex Bailey (bass), and Matt Law (keys). Their debut album, Seabed, will be released by R&S Records (In Order to Dance) on April 2nd.

Their sound is surprisingly mature for such a young band—all of the members are in their very early 20s—but I really shouldn’t be surprised: Listening to their aptly titled “California Analog Dream,” I’m reminded of fellow Londoners SBTRKT, the XX, and James Blake, all of whom have cultivated distinct, sophisticated sounds that belie their age. This music is understated, restrained, and undeniably smooth, but still manages a deep and soulful groove.

If “California Analog Dream” is too radio-friendly for your taste, try also “Dracula,” which combines lush electronics, a gentle break beat, and reverberant vocals for a listening experience that’s as lulling as it is intriguing.

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Is that the Pizza Hut logo up there in the sky?

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Just wondering if you've heard Jake Bugg's debut, speaking of music that belies their age...

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I haven't, but I'll check it out. Thanks.

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May I humbly recommend that you check out Alt-J's "An Awesome Wave"? It's available on vinyl. The first pressing sold out here in the US but it's now available again. For the second time in my life (Bon Iver's FEFA was the first), I bought a second copy, just in case my first copy wears out. 

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Thanks for the recommendation, FSonicSmith. I'm listening now, and while I'm not yet sure it's for me, it's definitely interesting. I bet it sounds great on the hi-fi, too.

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Please let it sink in for a day or two and listen again. I know that is asking much, but it creeps up on you. It's been getting airplay locally and it took a little while to lodge into my brain. 

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this is good.

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I listened to the tracks on Soundcloud. Didn't care for the Bullion remix, and the standard mix drives me crazy with that constant repetition of the fast drum riff. There are just a few things that bug me in pop music, that and constant hand-clapping (Mellencamp's Hurt So Good, Kim Carnes' Bette Davis Eyes) but I manage to tolerate Words of Love by the Beatles. If these guys could push that drum further into the background and add a nice bass line, it would make a better mix IMO.