A Video Tour of AudioQuest

Before the Los Angeles Audio Show, I spent a few days in southern California, and was able to schedule a visit to AudioQuest's massive facility in Irvine. In this video, Bryan Long (VP Operations), accompanied by Joe Harley's dog Pumpkin, gives a condensed version of his usual tour, which is normally well over an hour.

This is a time-lapse of a pair of AudioQuest Rocket 33 speaker cables being made. In real time, the process took nearly 30 minutes; this version is accelerated by 730%, and is very satisfying to watch (for me, at least). We hope to capture more components being made in time-lapse form in the future.

My thanks to Bryan Long, Joe Harley, Garth Powell, Joe Anzenberger, Pumpkin, and the entire AudioQuest team for welcoming me to their Irvine factory.

donlin's picture

The speaker cable video is amazing, quite an involved process. Would love to know what the thing that looks like a pencil sharpener does when he was putting on the connectors.