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Triangle speakers for Rock & alternative music

I am looking for advice/suggestions on my setup.

My current living room is fairly large at 21x13x9ft.
My HT setup consists of -

Philips DVP642 DVD player
Music server HTPC, all CDs ripped to FLAC
Roku Soundbridge
Yamaha RX-V496 70Wpc A/V receiver (external decoder input but no pre-out)
Energy Take5 satellites
Energy EXL-10 subwoofer
Kimber 4PR speaker cables
AudioResearch(or quest) interconnects

I recently bought a pair of Triangle Heliade speakers based on reviews. I could not demo locally. My music tastes are mostly rock(classic, alternative, blues), some classical(western/indian-instrumental) & the occasional vocal cd's(enya, allison kraus)

When I demoed other speakers locally, I listened to Pearl Jam, Alan Parsons, Pink Floyd & some Indian-Western Fusion.
With the Heliade the same music really disappointed me. The highs sounded a little harsh, mid-range just ok & bass was very vague(for lack of a better word). I tried concerts recorded in DD5.1 from the dvr & they did not sound any better.

- Given my room size & music tastes, are the Triangle's even the right choice?

- If I wanted to drive them with used tube equipment(2-channel amp/integrated amp) as many Triangle users suggest, how would I integrate them into an HT setup?

I have a limited budget so I would like to buy used as much as possible.


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Re: Triangle speakers for Rock & alternative music

Welcome to forum svrider.
This should teach you never to listen to what other ppl say.
You should pick a pair that you could actually listen to before purchasing.Anyway,enough "salt in the wound".The amp you have,Yamaha,is not the smoothest one around and in combination with the Triangles(French loudspeakers=overbright) screwed things up.If your Yanaha had pre outs,maybe,just maybe with the right tube power amp and interconnects/speaker cables things would mellow up but i seriously doubt it.If you don't like that particular kind of sound,those "addition" are only meant to make it better but only in THAT direction if you understand what i am trying to say.Basically,the sound will be the same,just better.To be honest with you,i can't see how you can integrate a power amp or pre/power or integrated with your existing home theater since without spending a small fortune
,since your Yamaha don't have pre outs not to mention that you will get into the "upgrade" thing wether you like it or not.IMHO,sell the Triangles,use the cash you are going to pay for the tube amps together with the money you'll get from the Triangles and get a new pair of loudspeakers that will be more to your liking and musical tastes.
I am really sorry if i was too forward with my reply but this is the bitter trouth.

Anthony Tam
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Re: Triangle speakers for Rock & alternative music

It's probably a safe bet to say there are likely a host of speakers in the $1K - $2K range (new & used) that may better cater to your musical taste and sonic preferences.

You can try to "tweak" the sound with different components upstream in the chain or you can try different speakers and see how they integrate with your system and your tastes.

Good luck!

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