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testing turntables and cartridges

Michael Fremer's "Equipment Report" in the May 2011 issue of the Brinkman Audio Bardo turntable and Brinkman 9.0 tonearm/cartridge isn't as useful as it should be for products in this price range.

He does provide the reader with some useful information about the direct drive system, build quality, tonearm and other parts but no measured data on speed stability, wow/flutter, rumble, suspension resonance, etc.

Regarding the tonearm, no measured data on: pivot to stylus distance, tracking force adjustment, tracking force calibration, cartridge weight range, sidethrust correction, etc.

Finally, no panel of trained listeners to help evaluate the accuracy of the components as  related to the measured data as opposed to the manufacturer's claims. The thorough evaluation of audio equipment should illustrate the validity of measurements that relate to the listening experience, especially equipment in this price range and higher.

For an example of what I am talking about, the Sept, 1990, issue of Audio has an evaluation and test of the Sota Cosmos turntable, SME 309 arm and Signet OC9 cartridge. All measured by Edward M. Long.



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Barking up the wrong tree...

His column does not allow for measurements. If someone else reviews the product in a non-column format, you will see the measurements in the reviews.  Mikey pretty much says "take my word for it, and then listen for yourself".  One should be able to derive some correlations from the subjective review about its performance.  His integrity is utterly unimpeachable, IMO. 

When it comes to measurements, Stereophile's Editor John Atkinson, usually does the most comprehensive reviews on the planet.  Wait for a follow up review or read measurements from the mfg's website (if they exist). 

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