Soulution's 501 mono amplifier

Soulution Audio's Cyrill Hammer was on hand to discuss the company's "small" Soulution 501 mono Amplifier ($55,000/pair). Similar in design to the Soulution 710 stereo amplifier that had so impressed Michael Fremer in the August 2012 issue of Stereophile, the more diminutive 501 monoblock amplifier is rated at 125W into 8 ohms, utilizes six switching-mode power supplies, and features a high-bandwidth, zero-feedback voltage-amplification input stage. Unlike the 176 lb Soulution 710 stereo amplifier that required three good men to move into Mikey's listening room, the 501 weighs in at a "mere" 80 lbs per chassis.

Dan Moroboshi's picture

When I purchased my 1st integrated amplifier, it was an Class-D switching amplifier from Cary. I loved in its first sight, its dynamic, fast response and very good control to the mid-bass region. Now, I can see one of the most important company in the audio reproduction improving this technology for a stunning audio result.

Let's end our preconception of a technology for the future to be employed in the audio gears!