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Soliciting Cairn Fog v3 and Unico CD impressions

I'm considering replacing my Fog v3 with the Unico CD. The Cairn is very "musical" and being "in the music" is a good description most of the time. But, I know it places an unusual emphasis on certain parts. This drives me crazy when I "know" a song should sound different, e.g. the rhythm guitar should be further in the background.
I want another CDP with digital inputs and am very happy with my Unico SE integrated, which has put the Unico CD at the top of my list.
It's at a good price point for me (on Agon), so please don't suggest I get the Meridian 808.2. If anything, I'm thinking this Unico unit would be a good improvement to get me through until prices come down on units that leverage this new understanding of how to maximize redbook playback.
Maybe in three years everybody will have a DAC with an atomic clock and 0 pre-ringing.

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