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It is beyond my words that I am to be graced with Rob's first production unit. Having sat with him in his living room with his 'home project' in Tokyo for several hours I was pretty certain that if this Bloke ever built it it would have to be mine; the 'Top-end Beast' a model name bandied about jokingly with my Australian connection and a dream of our mighty vicious animals of our country's 'Top-end', truly beasts, Rob throwing further glory to my unit by engraving this for me for Serial no. 1. I was truly impressed in the living room and now a little over a year on and his home project has evolved from the three chassis outfit I saw, the two power amplifiers housed in old van den Hul amp cases and exposed cables and circuit boards all over the carpet, but I knew what I was hearing. I will not reveal anything myself about Rob just yet as I will allow his own work flow as he sees fit, letting people know who he is himself, his history and his notions. Watch out for Robert Koch and his branded equipment Robert Koda, Koda a hail to his wife's famous silk fabric manufacturing grandfather to the Emperor, this man's robes hanging in national galleries. Rob is a very gifted young electronics designer and builder and it is my pleasure and fortune to call him a friend. I hope people come to listen and to agree, great fella !! I'm sure in these photos too we have yet to see the final inception of this model for this new brand that should become well respected, very well respected. Very exciting Rob, congratulations !! D.

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