Sanders Sound System

Speaker designer Roger Sanders has been at this for a long time and he has a very specific idea/vision that is illustrated in his system and direct-sales approach. It is also illustrated in the room setup which you can't really see in this photo but in addition to that single chair sitting fairly close to the Model 10 electrostatic speakers, there was a single row of chairs, not side to side, but one behind the other.

The configuration we’re looking at and to which I listened was the Model 10c which includes a digital electronic crossover and the Magtech monoblock amplifiers (1600W into an 8 ohm load) for a system price of $13,000. Cables are from Sanders Sound as well, which I believe are included in the system price since there was no pricing information on the sort-of informative brochure I picked up in the room. I say "sort-of" because it doesn't include any information on the source we listened to and I neglected to make a note of it.

When I mentioned in an earlier post that hi-fi is filled with personality, I was also thinking about people like Roger Sanders. His demos, I've heard some at other shows conducted by Roger Sanders himself, are as much a lecture as they are a listening session. It's as if Roger wants to will you into hearing things his way. While I imagine this could be a frustrating endeavor in the subjective world of audiophilia, I admire his determination.

The music we listened to could be labeled "all the things panels don’t do" or "we’re not wimpy, but we are delicate." I heard a few people comment that this was their favorite room in the show and for others I’m sure it wasn't.