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Rich sounding speakers for Cambridge Audio CXA60

I have a Cambridge Audio CXA60 (60 watt/ch) now along with a pair of Kef Q300 speakers which sound amazing but are not 'full' enough in the low end. At least not at low volumes. Most of my listening is at low volumes with classical, jazz or electronic music.

I am looking for a recommendation for speakers (bookshelf or tower) that will give me that full rich sound at low volumes but not sacrifice too much in the mid/highs. I know of a few models in towers(PSB X2T, SVS Prime, e.g.) that would fit the bill but not sure about bookshelfs.

Budget would be around $500. I am open to new or used. I have seen some nice towers selling used but mostly ones that have high power requirements to run them.

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I've spent a lot of time

I've spent a lot of time going through FS ads on different sites, and I don't think you'd find a better deal on used bookshelfs than this pair of Reference 3A Dulcet speakers in very good condition in an attractive maple finish, asking $695 -

Also, a Dealer is selling a pair of matching Reference 3a stands asking $270 in mint cond -

Both the above sellers have 100% positive f'back on Audiomart which is important. The two would be around $1k, so a bit over your budget, but a steal in terms of price/performance. Check out the PF review from the same period -

Hope that helps!

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