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Replace my Vandersteens

My loyal Vandersteen 2Ci's will turn 20 years old in a couple months. They work perfectly still and sound excellent. I will replace them when I NEED to, not before. But if I detect any deterioration of driver surrounds in the future, I would consider that a need.
I am inclined to replace them with their current iteration, which I think is the 2Ce II (Signature?). On the principle of continuing to dance wit da one dat brought me. Any alternatives you would suggest? I do want full-range; and the main thing I want to avoid is anything too bright/harsh/glaring.

(I do use a subwoofer with the 2Ci's, to add a bit of slam to the lowest registers)

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Re: Replace my Vandersteens

Great speaker.

Even if the surrounds go, you can have them redone and keep the party going.

Maybe for fun, I'd suggest contacting Vandersteen and seeing if there are any updates you could do to your existing speakers.


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