Recording of May 1966: Music to Listen to KLH By

Music to Listen to KLH By
Excerpts from recordings by Everest and Concert-Disc.
KLH VSR-101 (LP).

Don't be misled by the title of this. It's fine for listening to KLH by, and it is also fine for listening to any other top-notch reproducer by. It is, in fact, the best, and most musical, stereo demonstration disc that's come along to date.

The KLH demo disc offers musically complete selections (instead of fragments) and a bare minimum of hokum in the discing, and the sound is excellent: very transparent, warmly natural, with an extremely smooth, un-hyped high end. Lows are quite deep and solid, although not quite as deep as we've heard from some discs. It's interesting, though, to note that these excerpts, which were presumably cut from the same master tapes as the original Everest and Concert-Disc releases, are much more smooth and lucid than the originals.

This is one demo disc that's worth buying. If your local KLH dealer doesn't stock it (it is not available through record stores), it can be ordered for $2.98 directly from KLH.

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... side 1:

... side 2:

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Ortofan wrote:
... side 1:

... side 2:

Thanks very much for the info.

John Atkinson
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Ortofan can link you to anything and everything ........... He is an encyclopedia :-) ............

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Link me up, Scotty :-) ............

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He is the missing link :-) ............

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What does KLH stand for?

rschryer's picture Henry Kloss, Malcolm S. Low, and Josef Anton Hofmann.

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Josef Anton Hofmann was the gifted engineer who came up with Hofmann's Law, describing the behavior and possibilities of direct radiator, low frequency loudspeakers. In summary, it specifies the triangle consisting of low frequency extension, enclosure size, and efficiency.

You get to pick two.

Those of you with extended IQ should understand immediately.

For the rest of you, what Hofmann's Law says is that, in the present universe, with its specific laws of physics, and given the even more specific conditions on planet earth, you can have any two of the three characteristics, but you'll sacrifice the third.

For example, you can have deep bass extention in a small box, but the efficiency will be highly compromised. Low, low efficiency.

Or, you can have high efficiency in a small box, but bass extension will be out the window.

And so on.

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That makes a case for built-in or separate sub-woofers with 1000 watts or more of (class-D) amps and several built-in controls .............