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rick stransky
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PSB Stratus Silver - Cone Rips

I have had to replace all 4 of my drivers over the last few years on my PSBs. The cones were ripped. Why may that be? I play them loudly fairly often (sometimes a few times a month for a couple hours), which in this case, means dialing the pre-amp to about 50% of capacity. I have lived with the system in Miami, Fl (10 years), Oklahoma (3 years), and Gainesville, FL 10 years). I have to say, I know little about audio, but i like to listen to music. 

My components are: 

PSB Stratus Silver - bought new in about '90 
Aragon 8008 MKII - bought used in about 2005
Acurus LSII - bought used in about 2003
Audio Alchemy CD Player w a DDE 1.1 - bought new in about '90
and i use Nordost Supreme Reference with bi-wires (last 5 years, Monsters prior) from Aragon to PSBs.

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Great Aragon.

wow you got Aragon 8008mk2,

very capable power amp. try to keep it, i have one 8008BB... my father brought it in1996 still running like a champ flawlessly. i strongly recoment you to drive your aragon with cardas clear ac power cord, i find insane result with cardas clear power and clear power beyond. dont underestimate 8008, you should give him a good power cord inorder to get the most out of it.

PSB is a good brand, but recently they are making their speaker from china, sad. its normal to go through restoration prcess for speaker over time.make sure you went to genuine factory service outlet.

try to get a good cd player, good source is important/vital.

my system

MBL1621A/wadia16i-cd transport

Bricasti M1-dac

Marklevinsion No326s-pree

mbl9007 (sterio mode)/Aragon 8008BB -power amp

polkaudioTsi500(need to upgrade)-speaker.

purepower+3000-power conditioner.


Allen Fant
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Possibly, too much of that

Possibly, too much of that Florida humidity?

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High humidity may be the reason, combined with applying very high power to the speakers.

Cones seldom rip, and when they do it is almost always due to excessive power.

You ARE talking about cones 20 years old, however, and the surrounds may have just failed due to age and that leaves the cones flapping in the

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