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Power-Pre amp suggestion


Sorry for my bad english.

I live in Bangkok/Thailand. I'm Thai.

Few weeks ago, I hold Threshold S/500 + Threshold Fet10e + Theil CS3.6 Speaker.

I love them, but I had sold them, because some big serious problem in my life.

I just few better few days ago. So, first I design to quit listening music.

Finally, can not, because I just cut half of my heart. If i quit listening music, means I cut least of my heart!. I will have nothings.

So, just re-thinking, and now I heard from some freiends about

"Parasound" Power A23 and P3 Preamp. (They are going to open a market in Thailand in few weeks.)

And also I' m looking some Speaker such as Harbeth HL Compact 7ES-2 (Used).

Kindly advise me about

1. Parasound A23/P3 is it goods. How sound it is (image, sound state,3D,etc).

2. with power 120W / 8ohm is goods to drive "Harbeth HL compact 7ES-2"?

I now love to enjoy Vocal music, Easy Listining, Jass, Pop.

Thank you very much for you kind suggestion.

T. Eakrat


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Sounds like a decent setup to me...

not likely as good as what you had but should sound very good.

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