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polk or paradigm ?

ok guys it boils down to this i heard the polk monitor 70
series the surround package for $1,679.72
freq-30hz-25hz 90db 275watts ea. specs are for the front main.this set was on display at circut city with the amp i have now Onkyo-TX-SR702. and man they sound sick !
and the second choice is the paradigm monitor 11 series
front: monitor 11 /center: cc-370 rears: adp-370
powered sub: pw-2200 price for whole set $3136

polks were good for the price.
best bang for the buck so far i cant find anything
close to that model for that price period.

second the paradigm almost identical as polk but with a price of 3,136 ouch! out of my budget but i would buy them in a heart beat much cleaner and less brightness on the highs. now my final qustion is should i get the polk or save
and buy the paradigm one peace at a time ?

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