Petition for Better Sound

“A change is gonna come, oh yes it is,” said once the wise prophet Samuel. What the prophet failed to foretell was that change never just comes, change is made. Well audiophiles, this is your opportunity to make a change. Valiant Stereophile forum poster sometimesuk2012 started a petition on to “Stop the Loudness Wars and Release High Definition Music Downloads”. You can find out more about the petition and sign your name here. Here’s your chance to stop whining about that over-compressed pap—see Jason Victor Serinus' report from the 133rd AES Convention—and start enjoying some well-recorded pop. It all starts with your signature.

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Signed franklind9

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To the lonely poster on here:

Over 300 wanted to win an Audioquest Dragonfly and only one wanted better recordings to play through it? Priorities I suppose.(Greed)

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the purpose of this was for you to sign the petition linked in the article, which now has 1,135 supporters. did you sign it?

JohnnyR's picture many people bother to post on HERE and their priorities. If you think 300 people from the DragonFly thread signed it then all I can say is BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

JohnnyR's picture similar petition about a year ago regarding the exact same issue. You guys are a bit behind the ball on this one.

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First off - Thanks Ariel, for your help.

Second, where is that other petition now? Has it just died a death?

I honestly believe that if the petition had support from the media and manufactures worldwide then it would gain massive support. The hardest part is bringing the petition to people’s attention.

At the end of the day, it comes to this, do you want change or not?

If you think that there is no point as the people’s voice won’t be heard, then what is the point in voting in elections?! Okay, we are not talking about governments, but businesses that make their money from selling products that people want. There are many people out there who want to tell the Record Labels that their products are not good enough and we want better.

I don’t think people realise that if the recordings were sorted out, then this would be the best upgrade they could make to their system.

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analog man.  i bought the LP for $25 and couldnt believe it.  almost the same volume throughout and it leaves you deflated emotionally.  the included hi rez download is at least a bit better which shouldnt be.


i received a call from my friend fritz (yes, that one) warning me off the release as he bought the cd and was feeling the same about the CD as i did about the LP.  it was too late, i had already bought the vinyl at freakbeat records (trying to support the local brickand mortar store) at the big bux price.  too late. 


anyway, i made a copy of the download for fritz for comparison and he agrees, the download is better.  still not as good dynamically as his most recent previoous cd-"songs for a dying planet".  WT|F is up?  he claims ANALOG and craps it up with digital compression.  c'mon joe, do a better job.  you're a REAL musician with and education and chops.  time to get al schmitt to do your engineering!