PBN Audio—Pennywise

Next up was Peter Bichel Noerbaek’s kit loudspeaker, the Pennywise, which costs $1250/pair for the parts (drivers and crossovers) and $3000/pair for the finished cabinets (with piano gloss finish). Unless you have some serious woodworking chops, you’d be pound foolish to take on this cabinet as a DIY weekend warrior project. Associated electronics included the Olympia AX amplifiers ($8500/each) run here as monoblocks but you can also flip a switch for stereo operation, the PS Audio PerfectWave Transport and DAC ($2999.99 each), and XLO Signature 3 cables.

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Thanks for the nice write up -  one small correction, the amplifiers used in this set up were the Mini Olympia's, not the Larger Olympia AX.  The Mini Olympia features 160WPC as a Stereo Amp and close to 600WPC as a monoblock, in which way we used them in the Pennywise room.