Parasound's Halo JC 3 phono preamp

Parasound showed off the guts of their new Halo JC 3 Phono Stage ($2300) in the same room as the butt-kicking Atlantic Technology AT-1 loudspeakers. Designed by John Curl, the JC 3’s signal/noise ratio is a high 83dB for moving-magnet cartridges and 73dB for moving-coils. The RIAA curve is said to be accurate to within ±0.1dB and the units are currently shipping. Michael Fremer reviews the JC 3 in the March issue of Stereophile.

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Actually the MSRP is $2350. I sold the very first one to a customer who is absolutely wild about it. Parasound president Richard Schram said the JC 3 is selling briskly, no doubt due to people wanting to know what John Curl has been up to since creating the venerable Vendetta Research phono stage back in the 80s that's still a much sought after piece.