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'Mooners' drop all for Amtrak trains

-- About 100 people gathered in Laguna Hills, Calif., for an annual ritual of "mooning" passing Amtrak passenger trains, observers said. A group including grandmothers, bikers, housewives and even couples making a date of it took up positions along the tracks Saturday for the daylong "Mooning of the Amtrak" celebration, The Orange County Register reported. "This is so much fun," Kim Norris, who arrived with her husband, said. "It took me about a week to build up the courage to do this, and another week to talk my husband into it," she said. "But it was all worth it." The event was tamer than in years past because of a heavy police presence, the Register reported, and at times during the day deputies outnumbered mooners. In 2008 authorities shut the event down, saying witnesses reported complete nudity and public sex acts. It was the first time the event had been closed down in its 30-year history. The event began as an impromptu dare among a group of bar patrons at a saloon across from the tracks. Now participants and observers come from across the country for an all-day party of drinking and mooning, the Register reported.

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