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No Harbeth M40 in recommended components?

I'm wondering why the Harbeth M40 never made it into Recommended Components? It was reviewed by John Marks a while back. Was it an oversight? Or simply that he did not think it worthy? He obviously likes the littlest Harbeth (HL-P3-ES2)!

P.S. I'd love to see John Atkinson give the M40 a full review!

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Re: No Harbeth M40 in recommended components?


Gee, that was quite a few years back!

If I recall correctly, between the time I prepared that column and the time to put together the RCL, Harbeth dropped the Canadian firm that had lent the M40s to me, and perhaps the uncertainty as to Harbeth's future US presence meant that it did not make sense to list the M40s. I am relying upon memory.

And by now of course it has been far far too long since they have been heard.

It is a "worthy" speaker, but, it really did strike me as having a sound of its own. An honorable and time-honored sound--1970s London Studio Monitor, and one I am fond of, but my impression was that it was not equal to more modern designs in neutrality. Could be setup or amp issues, I know. And, by today's hyper-inflated standards, it's a lot of speaker for the money.

Thanks for reading

John Marks

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