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Neil Young, Archives Volume 1

Well well well! They see the light of day!

This part irks me:

"Q- What is the point of having hidden tracks and easter eggs?

A- Part of the "vision" in creating the Archives series is to encourage interaction and exploration. Including some Hidden Track and Easter Eggs fits in with that vision and leaves some fun surprises for those who venture forth and poke around. "

If I pay my money, pay me the respect of not having to search for the effing music.

Also, it seems a bit heavy on the "album" versions of many songs, especially from the album "Everybody Knows This Is Nowehere."

Then there's this part:

"Q- I don't want to have to watch a TV or monitor while I listen to my Neil Young Archives. Do these discs work without a TV?

A- We understand the desire of some to "just listen to the music" and yes, you can accomplish that with the DVD edition."

Can't just listen with the Blu Ray in hi rez?

Ah, well, I'll succumb, eventually, and it's cool to be able to buy individual CD's. (Then again, the individual CD's are 23 bucks. Should I be bending over in preparation for 50 dollar vinyl?)

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Re: Neil Young, Archives Volume 1

Yes you can"just listen" on the blu ray version.....put the disc in your player wait for the Shakey Pictures theme to play then click"play"on your remote and enjoy.

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Re: Neil Young, Archives Volume 1

Should I be bending over in preparation for 50 dollar vinyl?

Absolutely!! But remember, no lube since it hurts so good without it.

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Re: Neil Young, Archives Volume 1


You are in good company, Steve Guttenberg (the audio review) has pretty similar feelings.;title

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Re: Neil Young, Archives Volume 1

I am pretty disappointed with the re-released material from not only the studio albums, but also the live material already released last and previous years. It is the same packaging as well, and I believe the price is simply too high to beg purchase now. It also seems that Blu-Ray is pretty oppressive in having to integrate a surround-sound receiver when considering the audio of end of things. Just disappointing, and perhaps Neil should just release everything individually, so consumers can get the best value for their money, and not make repeat purchases of music they already own.

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