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Need some help with a new DAC for computer audio

Hi everyone

I'm planning an upgrade to my system.  Currently I have a VAC 80/80, Sonic Frontiers SFL-1, NAIM CD 3.5 and Focal Profile 918's.  

Now I want put it all on a hard drive, set it and forget it.  I'm looking for some advice on gear as there really aren't dealers for these products in my neighborhood.  And not all the products give you the 30-day home trial offer that Benchmark and Mytek do.

Computer server:

* A Mac Mini vs repurposing an older PC whose faceplate stickers claim USB 2.0.  I would stick with the older version of Windows as it seems to have easier ASIOS support.  My biggest concern is can iTunes on the Mac play all the formats, including DSD.  And if it can't, what replacement software should I use?



I know this list is remarkably unoriginal.  But...

* Benchmark 2

* Grace m903

* Mytek 192 DSD DAC

* Oppo BDP-105, which I'd use primarily as a DAC.  But it's the cheapest in the list and would probably be a better Blu-Ray player than my PS3.


Does anyone know if the Benchmark or Mytek is planned for review soon?  Seems they're getting a lot of attention so I wonder if their on the schedule.  I could wait until the next issue.

Thank you

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Taking your last question, I

Taking your last question, I wouldn't hold your breath for a review unless you hear that one is planned. Besides, I find it's more fun to buy the component that has the features I want, and sounds the best, and then wait for a review to see if it agrees with my opinions. I'm waiting now for someone to come out with a review of the Revel Performa3 speakers to see if I'm correct in thinking that the Revel F208 is the best speaker ever. haha

As for music players, I'm a Windows XP/Foobar2000 user for the music system, and though I have iTunes on PC's, I stopped using it several years ago, mostly because I'm just not an Apple person. I hear great things from JRiver users that I know, and a Mac version is available now if that's the way you want to go.

I also use a Grace m903, but I would seriously consider either the Benchmark, or Mytek if I was looking for DSD playback capability, provided I could hear one first, which I don't think I have yet.

All the options in your post are good.

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