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Need some good direction on preamps/amps/int amps

I need some help on picking out the amplification for my new system.  Here is what I'll be running on the system.

* DirecTV audio will be run through the DAC to the preamp/amp

* Rega RP1 turntable

* Sonos will be run through the DAC to the preamp/amp.  I will have a NAS drive with bit perfect lossless (WAV with tags or FLAC) files ripped through dpAMP

* DVD player will be run through the DAC to the preamp/amp

I’d love some feedback from all of you on a system that I’m building.  I’m having some trouble narrowing it down.

Preamp/amp/int amp

1.        Rotel RC-1550 Preamp &  Rotel RB-1552 two channel amp

2.       Parasound P3 Preamp & Parasound A23 two channel amp

3.        I21 Primare two channel Integrated Amp

4.       Rega Mira two channel Integrated Amp


I was thinking of either the Martin Logan Electro-motion of Magnapan MG1.7 speakers. 

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