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MSB Technology iPod Mod

Has anyone had this mod done? If not, has anyone heard this mod at a show?

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Re: MSB Technology iPod Mod


I am at the moment listening to Roseanne Cash 10 Song Demo through an MSB iPod hooked up to an MSB Platinum Reference CD player with Signature DACS and totally modified and separate power supply. It sounds very nice, very nice. Huge and natural soundstage, tremendous resolution, no grit, grain, glare, or any negative artifacts. Too soon to recommend or draw conclusions but initial listening is very impressive. IMHO My speakers are Avantgarde Duos, BWS electronics, Kondo cables, etc.

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Re: MSB Technology iPod Mod

If you are not hearing any grit nor grain using Avantgardes I feel comfortable concluding that there is no grit nor grain to hear.

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