MBL's New N15 Monoblock Amplifier

Jürgen Reis, MBL's lead engineer, was delighted to show me the company's new 560W (into 4 ohms), mono power amplifier, the MBL N15 ($17,800). Slimmer than MBL's reference-line amplifiers, four N15s (for bi-amping) fit into one equipment rack. There are two XLR (balanced) inputs, one for a preamplifier and the other for a future media server. Reis was proud of the N15's very high common-mode rejection and 36-ampere output capabilities. Using MBL's smart-link network connection, one can access a display showing the amplifier's temperature and fault status. I was treated to a detailed PowerPoint presentation showing the amp's stability and low distortion while driving difficult speaker loads. I was impressed by how the amplifier is cooled using diecast internal heatsinks via chimney-style air distribution that flows from an intake at the bottom of the chassis, up through the output stage and power supply, and out the rear panel.

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