M2Tech Stack O' DACs

First, let's list what is in the photo (left stack first, top to bottom): EVO PhonoDAC Two ($1,600), EVO Clock Two ($640), HiFace EVO Two ($640), EVO Supply Two ($500), EVO Plus DAC Two ($890), and the EVO DAC Two ($630). Common to the DAC products: 32/384 PCM and DSD 256 processing, while the EVO Plus DAC Two has an additional clock input. Go to their website to check all the other little differences, but with pricing like this, I think listeners are in for a treat. I loved the pricier M2Tech Young DAC when I reviewed it a couple years back, so I trust their ears are in the right place with these new lower priced products.

Behind the M2Tech stacks are a couple of Booster power supplies (with the green LEDs). They make upgrade supplys for a wide range of digital products: on their list are models from Arcam, Bel Canto, Antelope Audio, Chord, M2Tech, Creek, Auralic and many, many others. Prices range from $325 to $375 (depending on required voltage output) and these were some serious looking linear power supplies. Also available now.

Kal Rubinson's picture

Clock inputs/outputs would permit stacking 3 or 4 of the M2Tech DACs for multichannel!