Luxman Open House at Audio by Mark Jones

Toronto-based dealer Audio by Mark Jones will host a Luxman Open House on June 6 with special guest Jeff Sigmund, president of Luxman America. On display for the first time in North American will be Luxman’s new CL-1000 flagship vacuum-tube pre-amplifier. The CL-1000 will feature Luxman’s newly developed LECUTA transformer-coupled attenuator circuitry. In Luxman’s tradition of exquisite styling, the CL-1000 features a stunning rosewood cabinet to complement its aluminum faceplate. Active demonstrations will showcase many Luxman products: the award-winning L-509X integrated amplifier, the M-900u power amplifier, the C-900u control amplifier, the DA-06 USB DAC, the PD-171A turntable, the EQ-500 phono amplifier and other select models. The event takes place on Thursday, June 6, from 6–10 p.m. Refreshments will be served. Reservations are required. To register, or for additional information, RSVP via phone (289-314-3609) or email (

Anton's picture

I have been to a Luxman open house at a California shop and the Luxman people are awesome.

Their top line integrated is my "exit strategy" for audio if I ever get the scratch.

In the world of ssad things that happen, I just missed a used on online and still cry over it.

People who go will love the stuff!

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Gorgeous to look at and more importantly, to listen to. They sound BIG and clear but also put flesh and body on all recorded music. It's not too rich either. Their amps and source components are perfect matches with speakers that are clear and precise. I love that they have been around for almost 100 years.

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it looks pretty interesting especially after reading this
there shows that listening to classical music can reduce stress levels and blood pressure. moreover if tuned with cl-1000 will definitely be a perfect therapy.