Lindemann MusicBook Network/Music Players

Lindemann announced a group of four new gorgeous-looking music players all with preamp control built in: MusicBook 10:DSD (USB music player/$3,495), MusicBook 15:DSD (USB music player plus CD/$3,995), MusicBook 20:DSD (Network music player/$4,495), and the MusicBook 25:DSD (Network music player plus CD/$4,995 - pictured above). The network models support WiFi and ethernet. Also new are two models of matching Class D amplifiers.

Common to all models is the ability to convert any signal, including the optional CD and Bluetooth sources, to DSD 128 or DSD 256 which can then me sent to the DAC and then analog volume control. Control is via iOS or Android apps and music services supported include Tidal, Deezer and Qobuz. Also included in all models are Class A headphone amps, four digital inputs, two digital outputs, and a fully balanced topography to the analog outputs.