Laufer Teknik The Note Loudspeakers and The Memory Player Transport/DAC

The new (world premiere) Laufer Teknik The Note loudspeakers ($29,950/pair) are very hard to photograph because they are very thin line arrays comprised of 48 little metal drivers each in a 87"-tall, 2.5" deep, 2"-wide aluminum enclosure that's heated—it is warm to the touch. They disappeared into space while I listened. Their soundstage went out through the wall behind them while the $1600 SVS SP-4000 subwoofer pushed tight bass down through the floor to the basement. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor rattled the walls, but I couldn't "see" the speakers. Think: Skinny speakers make giant sound.

The Notes were driven by an Absolare Integrated Amplifier ($26,500-$34,500) and a Laufer Teknik The Memory Player 64-16 with tube DAC ($25,000). Also happening were: Stabilio amplifier stands, Stillpoints Ultras and Sixes stands, a Telos Grounding system, and Mutec REF 10 Master Clock and MC-3+ Smart Clock USB. All cables were by Echole.

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I heard these playing Fanfare for the Common Man. The best three dimensional presentation I have ever heard. You could "see" each musician on stage with the percussion far to the back.

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$96,600 system ? Appropriate presentation for the Common Man? ;)