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Last Setup and cabling with fear and doubt

Hi friends

For asking my questions, first there is a need to an intro.
I have an amplifier integrated (Musical Fidelity M6si) and I have a pair of Speakers (Focal Aria 948) my M6si has a USB input (24/96) for connecting to a computer. I did that. I bought a fine USB A to B cable for doing that, But as I know a good sound quality, it didn't interest me so much or not as I expected, for sound quality sake of course.
In the other hand, I have an Audio interface (Steinberg UR 22 mkII) from before just for producing good sound quality. So I decide to use a standard RCA cabling with my amp, not the USB port anymore. My audio interface has a left and right TRS/TS jack (balanced/unbalanced) output. For using of an input of my amp and these jack outputs I must use a cable. A TRS/TS to RCA.
Sorry for long intro. I have 3 questions. First of all, am I doing right as I mentioned above for cabling? For minimizing noise and poor quality as much as I can, which one is the best way: Using a TRS/TS to RCA cable (there is not too good cable in the market) OR buying a TRS/TS to RCA female ADAPTER, then I would buy a nice RCA to RCA standard cable and connect it to that adapter? And the last is, should I use TS or TRS jack for all this matter (Audio interface to Amplifier integrated)?
You know, all of these is for improving sound quality matter.
Sorry for my English language, it's not my first tongue.

Best wishes...

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