Lamm Industries M1.1 monoblock power amplifier Review context

Sidebar 2: Review context

The CAT SL-1 Signature was our system's supremely musical and neutral centerpiece. The big Avalon Ascent loudspeakers and their separate crossovers now sit regally upon two ¾" MDF panels measuring 10½' by 4'. These panels are glued, much-screwed, and bolted to the plywood floor beneath—and as often as possible into passing structural beams. With everything up on Audiopoints, the bennies were as expected: tighter, deeper and more controlled bass (especially with the Lamms), an airier and considerably more open soundstage, better focus, and important gains in the midrange on up. I thank my wife and devoted audio partner Kathleen for enthusiastically allowing me (yet again) to drastically alter our living quarters to make the magic.

Digital front-ends were the Forsell D/A and Air Bearing CD transport (awaiting update at that point), and the same Krell Reference 64/MD-10 kombo used during my Jadis J1/JS1 review last month (Vol.18 No.3). Analog duties were handled by my Forsell Air Force One with the Symphonic Line RG-8 Gold at the business end of the tonearm.

Cable, after an initial period with the Siltech that had been in residence for some time, was my reference XLO Signature throughout. I'll have more to say about these two cables, and perhaps another, at a later time.—Jonathan Scull

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