KLH Introduces the Model Seven Speaker

Robert Schryer reviewed the KLH Model Three ($1799/pair) in December 2022; I reviewed the KLH Model Five ($1998/pair) in September 2021—we each loved our respective pairs.

There's something honest and immediate about the revived KLH lineup; it feels right, looks right—"mid-century modern!" says Don Draper—and most importantly, sounds right. These are no-nonsense transducers that make exceptional music with most upstream components.

The KLH Model Seven ($3999/pair) making its debut at AXPONA, hopefully continues the tradition. A three-way, acoustic-suspension speaker, the Model Seven is rated at 38Hz—20kHz, 91dB/2.83V/m sensitivity, and an impedance of 4 ohms. It features a 1" aluminum-dome tweeter with a soft rubber suspension, a 5" pulp/paper-cone midrange unit with a "reverse-roll rubber suspension," and a 13" pulp/paper-cone woofer with a reverse-roll rubber suspension and a 2" diameter flat-wire voice coil. The Seven's cabinet is made of structurally reinforced ¾" and 1" medium-density fiberboard; a three-position "Acoustic Balance Control" is included, and a black, 3" slant riser base. These puppies weigh-in at 68lbs. apiece—78.8lb with the included riser base.

Like the Fives that I reviewed, the Sevens, powered by Bryston electronics at AXPONA, spoke clearly, with tight imaging, and they projected music forward in brisk, lively fashion.

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we all hear differently. Compared to the Mofi Sourcepoints they were laid back and mellow but still very nice on the ears.
The Mofis were very brisk and lively.

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The photo indicates that both woofer and midrange have a standard forward roll suspension. Reverse would mean that the suspension is concave as seen from the front. Someone's got it wrong.