The July Issue is Here

The July issue—now in mailboxes and on newsstands—features the world's first review of Mark Levinson's fully loaded (and affordable by Levinson standards) No.5805 integrated amplifier, reviews of audio products from CH Precision (a big amplifier), Vanatoo (affordable active speakers), PrimaLuna (a new flagship preamplifier), and Kuzma (their Stabi R turntable). in Analog Corner, Michael Fremer dives deep into Charles Kirmuss's ultrasonic record bath; In Listening, Art Dudley listens to three variations on the BBC minimonitor theme; in Music in the Round, Kal Rubinson auditions what may be the most sophisticated multichannel preamp ever sold for domestic use. In conversation with our own Sasha Matson, composer John Adams free-associates about other composers, specifically dead ones, and our music section features lots of records—the black kind with the grooves, the ones some of the kids call "vinyls".

Finally, don't miss this month's As We See It essay, "How Does the Music Make You Feel?," in which Jim Austin, our new editor, restates Stereophile's core editorial principles.

Bogolu Haranath's picture

Listening to music is the next best thing to having sex :-) ............

Jim Austin's picture

You need to work on your priorities. ;-)

Jim Austin, Editor

Bogolu Haranath's picture

Alyssa Milano says, listen to music instead :-) ..........

Indydan's picture

Music was the NEXT best thing. Sounds like his priorities are OK. :-)

Jim Austin's picture
It was that he should prioritize the music, not the sex. :-)
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Not the first nor the last time I miss the point...

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Ok .... Listen to music before having sex ....... Music is a great stimulant :-) ........

RH's picture

I read my digital copy a few days ago.

I've been smitten with the Joseph Audio Perspectives having auditioned them a number of times. Though I felt I heard some of the minor issues John Atkinson mentioned in his original review. So it was great in the follow-up review that the new model has improved in just those areas - even smoother high end and tighter bass. (I really appreciate the way John zeroed in on the areas that one would wish, given his former review).

The Perspectives were already amazing speakers in their first iteration. It sounds like the update knocks it out of the park.

Time to check my bank account again....:)

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When will the July Issue hit Zino?

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It'll be interesting to see how close the Levinson 5805 comes to the 585!