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josh b
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It's all new to me, and I'm loving every minute of it!

Hi all,

I just wanted to share how excited I am with my new favorite way to lose money! I'm still new to this world of nice audio, but I'm blown away by how great music can sound!

I've always loved music, played piano and sax for a pretty big portion of my life, and going to live shows has always been my thing, but its only recently I've discovered the joys of good sounding hi-fi. It all started with me somehow getting the idea in my head that I wanted a record player, maybe a silly proposition considering I'm 23 and at the time had no vinyl in my possession. But I wasn't going to let small matters of practicality and common sense get in my way! After a couple of months scouring craigslist and ebay I came upon a project debut III in lovely glossy white, second hand but in, as far as I could tell, perfect condition and at a great price to boot! After reading stellar reviews of the yamaha as-500 I picked one up on clearance at if I remember correctly. At this point I was using an ancient pair of Mordaunt Short bookshelves, inherited from my dad, which I thought sounded pretty good, but this changed when I walked into a local hi-fi dealer, looking for a copy of Miles Davis' Kind of Blue, and ended up walking out with a new set of PSB b25's! (I found the record I was looking for too, as well as several others haha) Anyway, to cut a long story into a slightly shorter one I'm loving how my set up is sounding, and spending probably far too much time simply sitting and listening, I've been bitten by the hi-fi bug, and bitten hard! I'm still trying to discover how good my growing collection of lp's can sound, which has led me to this forum.

Currently I've got my system strung together with whatever wiring I could scrounge/scavenge/steal, and my speakers are perched on a couple of cinderblocks that I "found" down the street (Sorry children, there'll be no orphanage built this year, we're four cinderblocks short haha). My question is, given my set up so far, what should I be looking to upgrade to get the most out of my equipment? Considering that I've put everything together for around $700 so far, and that I'm pretty happy with how its all working out, should I be considering speaker stands, new cables, a new phono pre-amp etc? Or will the benefits of these be lost on such an entry level set up?



JoeE SP9
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Cinder blocks make fairly

Cinder blocks make fairly decent speaker stands. I frequently recommend them to "newbies" who usually sit "bookshelf" speakers on the floor (not good). The usual thing is to upgrade the weakest link. Have you considered a new stylus for your current cartridge or a better cartridge? Nice IC's and speaker cables are an upgrade that cost wise ranges from reasonable to "Are you kidding me?". At your present level BlueJeans (nice reasonably priced cables) cable will probably suffice.

You don't mention any kind of digital playback capability. Are you bypassing CD's? If you're using a DVD player or budget CD player for CD playback an external DAC is the best bang for the buck upgrade. Grant Fidelity and Emotive sell nice DAC's that are reasonably priced. The Grant Fidelity has a switchable tube buffer and the Emotiva is some seriously nice looking eye candy. In any case, replace/upgrade what you think is the weakest or least satisfying thing.

This hobby is all very personal and very subjective. Please your own ears and you won't go wrong.

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