Innovative 1 Minute Escape

For this 1 Minute Audiophile Escape, we visited longstanding New York hi-fi shop Innovative Audio. This video features three (out of their many) systems readily available at the time of our visit.

Because this 1 Minute Audiophile Escape features a bit more gear than our other videos, here is a list of gear in order of appearance:

  • Wilson Audio Alexx loudspeakers: $109,000/pair
  • VTL S-400 Reference Series II stereo amplifier: $33,500
  • Engström & Engström LARS balanced monoblock power amplifier: $55,000/pair
  • Transparent Opus , Generation 5 loudspeaker cable: $39,000/8ft pair
  • Acustica Aplicata PHEMO Helmholtz Resonator: $1850
  • Meridian Ultra DAC: $23,000
  • Engström & Engström Monica 2-chassis balanced preamplifier: $40,000/pair

  • Dynaudio Contour 60 loudspeakers: $10,000/pair
  • D'Agostino Momentum M400 monoblock power amplifier (black): $65,000/pair
  • D'Agostino Momentum S250 stereo power amplifier (silver): $53,000
  • Transparent XL Generation 5 loudspeaker cable: $17,000/8ft pair

  • Wilson Audio Alexia loudspeakers: $52,000/pair
  • D'Agostino Momentum integrated amplifier (silver): $45,000
  • Spectral DMA-400 Reference monoblock power amplifier $30,000/pair
  • VTL MB-400 Signature Series III monoblock power amplifier: $20,000/pair
  • Spectral UL-60 HD Ultralinear Series III Speaker Interface: $6999/8ft pair
  • Transparent Reference Generation 5 loudspeaker cable: $7800/8ft pair)
  • Artnovion Acoustics Alps Diffuser (silver): $575/each
  • Acustica Applicata DaaD 4 Diffusion: $780/each

  • Spiral Groove SG1.2 turntable: $35,000
  • Spiral Groove Centroid 10" unipivot tonearm: $6000
  • Spectral DMC-30SV "Super Veloce" Reference preamplifier: $14,000
  • Lyra Etna MC phono cartridge: $8995

Thank you to Scott Haggart at Innovative Audio for welcoming us into Innovative Audio and for making this video possible.

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Jana, since you came aboard, the content on the stereophile website has gotten better. I hope you get to put more of your fingerprint on things in the future. The whole thing feels like 2007 instead of 2017. So here's to more Jana influence!

This video was nice (a little slick, but nice) -- i especially liked how you labeled everything. I can't tell you how many times i look at audiophile photos or videos and have a hard time figuring out what i'm looking at.

One area of opportunity ... the video felt a bit like b-roll for innovative audio. Fremer's videos are rough and poorly produced, but have a real human touch to them that makes them very watchable and informative. This video would have benefitted from someone (you or Scott) doing a brief walk through or having a quick chat about what was happening with the three setups we saw.

Thanks again ... keep up the good work.

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Thanks for keeping it exciting, another good post from Jana!

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Great as always- Jana
Keep up the excellent work!

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Nice systems. Classy stuff.

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Nice videos lately, but looking forward to you writing some more stuff. I like hearing your views; whether experience or interviewing industry people. Looking forward to hearing from you again!