How much time did you spend placing your loudspeakers?

Getting the right components is half the battle. The other half is setting them up for maximum effect. How much time did you spend placing your loudspeakers?

How much time did you spend placing your loudspeakers?
I spent about . . .
84% (163 votes)
Just plopped them down
16% (31 votes)
Total votes: 194

David L.  Wyatt jr.'s picture

An hour. I have a living room, not a listening room, and some things are sort of predetermined by room layout. That said, my system isn't very picky.

Paul J.  Stiles, Mtn.  View, CA's picture

Billions of femtoseconds! Seriously, I made a serious effort, got acceptable results, and after that, just enjoyed the music. I try not to be too aXXlly retentive.

Eric Shook/29/Raleigh NC's picture

Sixteen minutes. But I know I am not done.

OvenMaster's picture

Two days, using scale drawings so the speakers wouldn't get blocked by any furniture. The bad news is that they're only four feet apart.

Justin's picture

Not nearly as much time as I should have, but my placement options are limited.

Ravindra D.  Punwani's picture

Six to seven hours.

Jose Freire's picture

My new Quads 2905 sounded "perfect" since the first position I tried. Before, with Martin Logans, it tooked me months of trial and error.

LNAV's picture

Two months, since brand new speakers keep changing their voices.

G.C Van Winkle's picture

Several hours—including sand loading the stands and then positioning them 1/3 of the way into the room, with the listening chair at 2/3 position.

Cihangir Güzey's picture

A few minutes (just for moving the boxes, of course); ideal position was determined after many hours of listening, which happened for the song listening pleasure not for fine tuning. I need to make RT60 measurements with my spectrum analyser (a quite expensive measurement equipment) to place loudspeakers more precisely for a RT60 value of around 0.35-0.40 seconds for my listening position. I need a long holiday (going a little bit nuts as a result of boredom), a bottle of single malt (for making the things easier) and an empty home (for my family not to think that I am going nuts) for doing that. Surely a lot of measurements and a lot of time.

chris mayer's picture

Two weeks for my Magico V3s. I believe that 45% of your sound quality is room acoustics and that's why after two weeks, I have +0.5/-0.025dB from 21Hz to 36.4kHz from just my V3s and serious amounts of bass traps and absorption.

Claus's picture

Well, I bought my speakers almost 10 years ago and I'm still not finished with moving them around a bit.

Andras Szamek's picture

Seven minutes.

Pradeep's picture

I was playing with placing my speakers for about a month or two.

Al Marcy's picture

Only retail audio has a limited time frame. At my house, things are free to change and grow.

Dismord's picture

I haven't "placed" them, I'm building a dedicated room around them similar to this one but a bit smaller & with diffusion panels on the side walls and ceiling.

Jari's picture

Six months, small things sometime make big differences.

Daniel's picture

I put them where their predecessors sat, then didn't try anything for a month or so. Once they were broken in, and I was familiar with their sound, I started fiddling about.

tom collins's picture

Several hours. then i bought the Stereophile disc (can't recall which one) and spent about 20 minutes to zero them in.

ch2's picture

I ran the math contained in the excellent manual for my Vandersteen 2CEs. Total time about three days, but wow what a difference!

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Roger Anderson's picture

One hour.

sleepysurf's picture

Twenty-five hours plus, so far, and still tweaking, as I add acoustic treatments. I have ML Summits.

andy lundell's picture

Twenty hours of mostly frustration, confusion, and hesitation.

Jimmy's picture

30 minutes (that) was all I needed!'s picture

I spend about 30 minutes maximum, I know where I want them to be, and just make sure they're away from side walls, out enough from the back wall for the bass to be right, and I'm done. Oh yeah, equal distance from my seat, too.

KJ's picture

Actually moving the speakers? Cumulatively probably about a couple hours for every new speaker over its lifetime. But when you factor in thinking obsessively about placement issues every time I sit down to listen to music and trying to figure out the next spot to move the speakers to ... forever.

Eric K.'s picture

In the beginning, I spent so much time placing my speakers. When I found the placement I liked I decided to see if there was any correlation to the size of the room and wouldn't you know, they were exactly at the 5th division of the room dimensions. I've used this placement in two rooms so far and have been very happy with the results.

Athanassios Triantafyllou / Ionian Chemicals's picture

Ten hours and still trying to get the optimum position. Manufacturers should supply this info in their manuals!

chris a.'s picture

Fifteen hours.