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Equipment Racck

Hi All,

My first post. I've been a stalker on this forum for some time, and the opinions were invaluable in guiding me through my first system build.

Curious what everyone else uses for an equipment rack. What I am using now is on its last legs. heck, calling it an equipment rack to begin with is quite generous. Would like to be somewhat budget conscious. Don't want to buy just any cheapo rack...but didn't want to drop $700 either.

Some information that might be important:
My listening space is a shared formal living room
The room doesn't get used much use (TV in a different room), but does get a fair amount of foot traffic
Hardwood floors
Wall mount isn't an option as the room is almost all windows.
I do have young children. Not too worried about little hands, but it's a consideration.

Looking forward to your replies.

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The Salamander Archetype 5.0 is $290 at Music Direct.

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2nd the Salamander

A friend has a pair of the Salamander Archetype racks that he modified with outrigger feet, and damping layers laminated to the shelves. The Salamander seems to be a go to rack, combining good function, and support at a very reasonable price. 

I've recently moved my system to a much better sounding room in my house, and I intended to get the Salamander Archetype, but thinking more about it, I didn't think my wife would be happy with the threaded support posts, and exposed hardware.

So I checked with my favorite local small hifi shop, and discovered Quadraspire Q4 Evo. It's double the cost, and I don't know exactly how it will perform, but it has a less industrial look that my wife might not hate forever. It'll be a few weeks before it gets here, and then I can report back. Mean while, the hifi shop owner has loaned me a spare rack until the Quadraspire gets here. Don't know if BestBuy would do that.

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