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Equalizer speakers for Flat vs. Front?

For the YPAO calibration in my Yamaha RX-V1400 receiver it gives me the option to equalize based on a variety of settings, including Front, Flat, Mid, High etc.

In the manual it says to use "Front" if your front speakers are of better quality that the others. And it says to use "Flat" if all speakers are of equal quality.

I'd like your opinion on which may be best in my situation...

My L/C/R are Pinnacle Classic Gold Reference speakers which sound very nice and are rated down to 32hz. These have a tweeter and two 5.25" woofers in a tower. My surrounds are Sonance SR2 in-ceiling speakers. These have an 8" woofer with two 3.5" woofers and two tweeters and also rated down to 32hz.

So in my case, I can't really say one set of speakers is of higher quality than the other. For this reason I was considering using flat. However, as in-ceiling speakers these are not as powerful and likely don't have the same "presence" as the fronts. So I was also considering using Flat. Then again as surround speakers it is probably less important that they are smaller.

At any rate, I will surely try equalizing with both Flat and Front to compare the difference and go with what sounds best. But I was wondering in principle what the "book" would say on this, and what others have found from such experiments and comparisons. Thanks!

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Re: Equalizer speakers for Flat vs. Front?

I am not keen on such things but imho when a manufacturer says "equalize" the surrounds vs the fronts,he means just that.I do not suppose he would try to make the surrounds produce as much bass as the fronts.What i would do,is play around with the "curves",see which ones fits my front loudspeakers and let the surrounds do whatever they want.In a few words,the surrounds will be "voiced" to match the fronts,so,you should concentrate on the fronts rather than the surrounds.

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Re: Equalizer speakers for Flat vs. Front?

Frankly, saying that the "Front" option is for the case where the front speakers are superior to the others is not being fully forthcoming. Using "Front" allows you to accept the personality of your front speakers as-is rather than correcting them, as would be the case if you picked "Flat." Thus, with either "Flat" or "Front," the rears will be EQ-matched to the fronts.

As you said, best bet is to try both unless you have a philosophical position that biases you.


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