ELAC Alchemy Series DPA-2 power amplifier Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Class-D stereo/mono power amplifier. Inputs: 1 balanced (XLR), 1 single-ended (RCA), DC trigger. Outputs: 2 pair five-way binding posts. Output power (1kHz, 1% THD): Mono: 625W into 8 ohms (28.0dBW), 420W into 4 ohms (23.2dBW); stereo: 210W into 8 ohms (23.2dBW), 325W into 4 ohms (22.1dBW). Frequency response: 5Hz–20kHz, ±0.2dB. Voltage gain (low/ high): mono, 18dB/24dB; stereo, 24dB/30dB. Input impedance: single-ended, 12k ohms; balanced, 19k ohms. THD: <0.003% (1kHz, 1W, 8 ohms); <0.1% (1kHz, 300W, 4 ohms). Signal/noise: >94dB ref. 1kHz at rated power. Power consumption: 30W (idle), 800W at rated power output. All the above measurements were determined via the balanced input.
Dimensions: 17.5" (444mm) W × 2" (51mm) H × 15" (381mm) D (including feet, connectors, and knobs). Weight: 14lb (6.35kg) net, 15lb (6.8kg) shipping.
Finish: Black.
Serial numbers of units reviewed: 54307243648000073, 5430724364800118. Manufactured in China.
Price: $1495 each. Approximate number of US dealers: Lots, including major online dealers, the ELAC website, and brick-and-mortar retailers. Warranty: 1 year parts and labor.
Manufacturer: ELAC Americas, 11145 Knott Ave., Suites E&F, Cypress, CA 90630. Tel: (714) 252-8843. Web: elac.com.

ELAC Americas
11145 Knott Ave., Suites E&F
Cypress, CA 90630
(714) 252-8843

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That relationship (in time) seems to be the reason I keep away from Class D amplification.

I know it can be corrected with additional product investment, but isn't that the real question? Is this a product of all Class D or is this a design/cost issue?

I am in the market for a stereo amp or monoblocks in this price range, and yes, I obviously need to hear these first.

Kudos to Peter here... to impress Jason takes a lot!

What about the Odyssey Stratos Mono Amps for a future review? They seem to still be going strong as well...

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Compared to old fashioned linear amps it's probably impossible to talk about class D without knowing what's inside the box. Slew rate limiting, negative feedback, filtering, signal/power bandwidth, ..., you-name-it and that leading edge has slope on the output. I am biased. All my time with playing and building guitars and violins we focus on that onset transient and the subsequent coloration in the decay. Don't mess with that onset! Flamenco is percussive and classical is not.

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It’s hard to imagine why you wouldn’t use Class A for the input stage.

Maybe you just mis-reported it.

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tnargs wrote:
It’s hard to imagine why you wouldn’t use Class A for the input stage. Maybe you just mis-reported it.

Yes, it was a typo, now corrected.

John Atkinson
Technical Editor, Stereophile

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Hello Jason,

I thought that I'd let you know that China is doing a Big Bicycle Show, just now.

I've owned Bicycle Manufacturing so I have some involvement in Bicycle Accessories.

As far as I can tell, the Shanghai attendance is low.

I'm not seeing much in the way of USA Shows waking up from their Rip Van Winkle naps, same for Europe.

The World still needs about 6 Billion more Vaccinations before any 'Herd-immunity' comfort levels make Big Public Gatherings seem safe.

I had to delay a trip to Port Townsend for the Tally Ho project because of the darn plague. ( I have a Covid travel passport )

The entire World is probably jealous of your lovely Natural Setting, ( I'm hearing that ) parts of NY City are a Hell-hole just now, and that NY'rs are just starting to escape to restaurants for a rare outing.

This Class D probably isn't for the upper Caste folks and may never be but it's a useful solution for folks reaching up with lesser buying abilities, it probably deserves to belong here with us.

Anyway, it's nice reading you again.

Wishing you well,

Tony in Venice Florida

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I have always found class D to have timbre issues when ran below 8ohm , measurements here makes it pretty obvious this one is a solid 8 ohm load guy , with plenty power for the Clipsters....!


PS: Careful John ,brain damage from NPR signal is irreversible ...! :)

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I really enjoyed this review, the fact that you were able to favorably compare this amp to your reference amp at a much higher cost is impressive. I would also like to note that I checked out Brian Bromberg after reading this review and really like his music. Always nice to discover a new jazz artist!!