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To suggest that Vincent Audio pushes the boundaries of taste in some of its ads is, I think, not overstating the obvious, and using women as props to sell hi-fi gear is probably not the best way to get more women interested in the hobby if that’s what you’re interested in doing. But hey, I’m all for enthusiasm and it takes all forms.

The hybrid tube/solid-state Vincent SP-T800 200W monoblock amplifiers ($2499.95/pair) were on display along with the Vincent SA-T8 preamp (2349.95), the PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC ($2999.99), a Thorens TD 2030 turntable ($3699) and the very refined “The Kiss” speakers ($15,000/pair w/stands) from Vienna Acoustic’s Klimt Series. The lovely and from what I’ve heard talented Jessi Monroe was also in the Vincent Audio room signing autographs. You may recall Jesse from Stephen Mejias’ Axpona Atlanta coverage.

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This room sounded GREAT!

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Michael Lavorgna, you need to focus a bit more on the electronics and speakers than that pretty face. Your obvious depravity shines like a beacon in the night. 

Jessi was in our room (Dynamic Sound Systems, not "the Vincent room" as you alleged) for one day, Friday. But that didn't stop you from devoting your entire post, including a link to her website and instead of ours. FYI – our website address is www.dynamicsoundsystems.net in case you missed our huge banner…eyes over here Michael!

Many thanks to Kevin Wolfe and Barnaby Frye from Vienna Acoustics for providing unbelievable support and fantastic music. Great show, great sound, and great fun.